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Gonyek’s original flavors of African heritage are enjoyed at special occasions and family gatherings all over the USA, Canada, Central America and the Islands.

Gonyek Chin Chin Jumbo 5LB (4 Bags/Box)
Gonyek Chin Chin Jumbo 2LB (10 Bags/Box)
Gonyek Chin Chin Classic 3.5oz (60 Bags/Box)
Gonyek Chin Chin Combo 1LB (20 Bags/Box)
Gonyek Chin Chin Jar 3.5LB (6 Jars/Box)
Gonyek Chin Chin Jar 2LB (12 Jars/Box)
Gonyek Chin Chin Jars 16oz (24 Jars/Box)
Gonyek Plantain Crispy 5.6oz (30 Bags/Box)
Gonyek Plantain Spicy 5.6oz (30 Bags/Box)
Gonyek Plantain Crispy 2.8oz (60 Bags/Box)
Gonyek Plantain Spicy 2.8oz (60 Bags/Box)

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